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“The mission of the Stone Soap Company, Inc. is to provide you, the professional car washer, with the most advanced car washing chemicals (car wash chemicals on steroids) supported by the best customer service experience in the industry.

In fact, we even installed a modern car wash facility out back so we can test every chemical making sure they will outperform almost all other car wash chemicals before they ever ship to you.

Plus, we’ll help you avoid almost all the car wash chemical and mechanical surprises that derail even the most cautious car wash owner. 

In any case, you’ll love finding the widest possible selection of tested and proven car wash chemicals for all segments of the car washing industry while also finding the best possible value.

Stone Soap’s state of the art manufacturing facility enables us to make chemicals for you at the lowest possible cost while passing huge savings on to you. 

Call us now, Toll-free 800-952-SOAP(7627)

By the way, since first opening in 1932, Stone Soap Company’s 84-year long commitment to quality, innovation and customer service has made us the oldest and most loved and trusted name in the professional car washing industry.”